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Gear Review: Sea to Summit Hydraulic Dry Bag

If you are into outdoor activities, sooner or later, you will have to come across with bodies of water—lots and lots of water! You will encounter waterfalls, seas, rivers, pools, sea spray, mist, and even rain. While they are definitely mesmerizing and welcome (especially during hot summers), they can also wreak havoc on your clothes, […]

Gear Review: Sea to Summit TravellingLight Day Pack

Even though we backpack most of the time (we rarely carry check-in luggage), we often want to spend the entire day exploring new places without lugging all our stuff on our backs. When we travel to a destination, we simply want to leave the bulk of our stuff inside our room or tent. Indeed, there […]

12 Practical Christmas Gifts for Adventurers

Christmas, the merriest season in the world, is fast approaching! And as part of a worldwide tradition, it is the time of giving gifts. For people whose loved ones, partners, and friends are prolific travelers and avid adventurers, they may be hard-pressed as to what items to give them. Well, we’ll tell you a secret: […]

Still-water Kayaking in Maribago Bluewaters: Trying out Our Sea Eagle 330

Ever since our first kayaking experience in Papa Kits and after seeing our guides skillfully maneuver their inflatable kayaks in the fast-flowing Cagayan de Oro River, we knew we had to include this exciting watersport in our retinue of adventure activities. Kayaking is a very versatile sport; you can enjoy the stillness and peace while […]

Sea to Summit: Be Equipped With Inspiration

Mother Nature may be beautiful, but she is also uncaring and merciless. Out there in the wild, you and your belongings are totally exposed to her dangers. And then there’s a chain of effects; for example, rain-soaked clothes can make the temperature even colder, sometimes leading to hypothermia. Unprotected mobile phones can get damaged when […]