12 Practical Christmas Gifts for Adventurers

Christmas Gifts for Adventurers

Christmas, the merriest season in the world, is fast approaching! And as part of a worldwide tradition, it is the time of giving gifts. For people whose loved ones, partners, and friends are prolific travelers and avid adventurers, they may be hard-pressed as to what items to give them. Well, we’ll tell you a secret: adventurers don’t really have a need for cutesy stuff. Nope, not perfumes, jewelry, or fancy clothes.

What these free-spirited individuals need are practical items—things that they can fully use in their travels. Here are some ideas:

1. Dry sack or dry bag

Christmas Gifts for Adventurers

Getting their gear soaked and soggy is a horrible inconvenience for adventurers. You can solve by giving your adventurer friend or loved one a dry sack or a dry bag. Its thick material protects clothes, items, and other gear from getting wet. The heavy duty Sea to Summit Hydraulic Dry Bag and the lightweight dry sacks are high-quality items for this purpose.

2. Waterproof Casing

Christmas Gifts for Adventurers

Many adventurers bring their smartphones and tablets with them on their sojourns. But just like all electronic gadgets, smartphones and tablets hate water. Giving your adventurer a waterproof casing from Sea to Summit should do the trick. Its thin and transparent window allows him to use the gadget while keeping the item protected from sea spray, rain, and water splashes.

3. Stuff Sacks

Christmas Gifts for Adventurers

Are you tired of having your adventurer simply cram everything in his topsy-turvy backpack? These handy, lightweight, and colorful Sea to Summit stuff sacks keep his stuff neatly organized and shielded from moisture, dust, and UV light.

4. Microfiber Towel

Christmas Gifts for Adventurers

The budget hotel, inn, bed-and-breakfast, or home where he’s staying does not provide a towel. He may be drooling to jump into a clear, cool river; but he can’t because he’s not bringing anything to dry off his body. And definitely, he does not want to bring his favorite but heavy and bulky terrycloth towel. Well, this velvety soft Sea to Summit microfiber towel should solve all those woes. It is light, packable, and quick-drying.

5. Tote Bag

Christmas Gifts for Adventurers

To save time, weight, and energy, many adventurers want to leave their bulky, unneeded stuff in their accommodation or tent. They only take with them what they need—perhaps a wallet, a water bottle, a change of clothes, a camera, etc. This rip-proof, water-resistant Sea to Summit UltraSil day pack can be his summit pack, grocery bag, or an extra traveling tote. The best thing about it is that it can be folded into its tiny pouch that fits in the palm of your hand!

6. Travel Journal

Christmas Gifts for Adventurers

The Bo’s Coffee Origins Travel Journal is a lovely and versatile travel companion—indeed, an excellent Christmas gift for your adventurer. He can configure this handsome, leather-bound journal’s blank pages into a diary, planner, notepad, scrapbook, phone book, sketchpad, and more. The journal also contains discount and freebie coupons, data sheets, travel stories, sketches, inspirational quotes, and more.

7. Backpack

Christmas Gifts for Adventurers

Wheeled luggage? Heavy travel bags? Bleah! For an adventurer, a sturdy, reliable backpack is something that he can’t do without. A good-quality backpack is his wardrobe, workplace, house, and clinic; it’s basically his lifeline in the outside world.

8. Dry-fit Clothes

Christmas Gifts for Adventurers

Forget those heavy, absorbent cotton shirts. Your adventurer needs light dry-fit clothes for his activities. The material wicks away the sweat and dries quickly, keeping your adventurer cooler, dryer, and comfortable. Dry-fit shirts are also wrinkle-free and come in striking designs and colors.

9. Headlamp

Christmas Gifts for Adventurers

More convenient and energy-saving than a hand-held flashlight, a headlamp allows your adventurer illuminate his way around the campsite at night, inside a dark cave, on a dark dirt road, or in a room with all lights turned out without using his hands.

10. Trekking Shoes

Christmas Gifts for Adventurers

Most likely, your adventurer will have to do a lot of walking in rugged terrain. Sturdy, waterproof trekking shoes with an aggressive tread will make those feet happy, dry, and protected. But please, make sure it’s the right size. You can find tips in choosing the right trekking shoes here.

11. Waterproof Camera

Christmas Gifts for Adventurers

Take nothing but pictures, and let those pictures be awesome memories. A sturdy waterproof camera makes a great Christmas gift to your adventurer; he can visually document his sojourns and share it with you and the rest of the world. He can take the camera anywhere—from sea to summit—in any weather condition.

12. Carabiner

Christmas Gifts for Adventurers

Non-climbing rated carabiners make lovely, cute, and practical Christmas gifts. They allow your adventurer to hang his backpack on bus seats, clip belongings on his backpack, keep his keys organized, and more. Buy him a set of different colors.

Merry Christmas, and with these gifts, let his adventures begin!

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