Welcoming an Exciting 2015 and Saying Thank You to a Lovely 2014

Welcoming 2015

It was a year of discovering new destinations and exploring pristine secrets. It was a year of cool challenges and life-changing lessons. And, of course, it was a year of tender love, memorable experiences, fun and laughter, and lasting friendships.

Looking back to our unforgettable sojourns, our 2014 was definitely an amazing year that is too beautiful for us to fully describe. We dedicate these snippets to our fellow adventurers, families, and friends. Most of all, this is for you, dear readers and followers, whom we consider our greatest inspiration.

For Alexa’s birthday, we treated her to a fun yet educational tour in the Museo Pambata and the Manila Ocean Park. It was her first time traveling with us together, and she thoroughly enjoyed the experience. This trip lit up her interest in traveling and her desire to learn the real world outside the classroom.

Welcoming 2015

Sweetie and I had our first taste of the awesome climbing walls in Manila. We wish there were more climbing walls like these in Cebu. We also had the chance of visiting Power Up in Tandang Sora, the birthplace of some of the best Filipino sport climbers.

Welcoming 2015

A unique destination of its own, Cebu Happyworld Museum, which is just in our neighborhood, will surely mesmerize kids and adults alike with their 3D and forced-perspective paintings.

Welcoming 2015

Aboitizland invited us to visit Canso X in Balamban, Cebu’s newest haven for bikers and adventurers. The place is definitely awesome, and we would definitely love try out their canyoneering adventure. It was an honor for us to be part of this event as this was the very first time we received an invitation from a prestigious business entity.

Welcoming 2015

Canyoneering in the hauntingly beautiful ravines of the Matutinao River in Badian was probably one of the best and most awesome adventures we’ve ever had. To make things more extreme and challenging, we decided to do the traverse from Badian to Alegria upstream, which means we had to go against the current! It was also during this adventure that we met really good adventuring friends.

Welcoming 2015

We want people to experience how outdoor adventures enrich their lives. So, for a couple of times this year, we invited some friends to go scuba diving with us. They had the experience of a lifetime; it’s not every day that people breathe underwater and witness the alien world beneath the surface of the sea.

Welcoming 2015

The Compostela LGU and our friend Agnes Amor invited us to check out and document their enchanting and upcoming eco-tourist spot Mulao River. We were totally astounded at the unique rock formations that line the river. Mulao River is also an excellent place for bouldering and trail running.

Welcoming 2015

Together with a few fellow adventurers, we climbed the sacred slopes of beautiful Mt. Kanlaon, the highest mountain in the Visayas and one of the most active volcanoes in the country. The mountain god blessed our solemn climb with clear skies, fine weather, great food, and a fun-loving company.

Welcoming 2015

Team Sweetie and some rock climbing buddies explored a prominent and gigantic limestone monolith near our usual crag, the Puting Bato or Bantogan sa Banog (Lair of the Eagle). The top offers an encompassing view of Lutopan, Tañon Strait, and Negros Island. We also eyed the monolith as a potential world-class rock climbing destination in Cebu.

Welcoming 2015

We couldn’t get enough of canyoneering, so we decided to go downstream, which is easier and more conducive to those who wish to try the sport for the first time. We re-discovered Mother Nature’s indescribable beauty.

Welcoming 2015

Team Sweetie together with super couple Jigz and April celebrated our second-year couple reunion at the crown jewels of Zambales—the utterly captivating Capones Island, Anawangin Cove, and Nagsasa Cove.

Welcoming 2015

We witnessed the scars of tragedy, the remnants of Mother Nature’s fury, and the process of healing when we traversed the vast lahar fields of Tarlac and when we stepped on the gorgeous crater lake of Mt. Pinatubo.

Welcoming 2015

One of our lifelong goals is to help make Cebu a premier rock climbing destination. So, together with our climb mates, we were elated to discover an abandoned crag just 20 minutes away from our second home in Cantabaco. The imposing Poog Crag was definitely a joy to behold and was eyed as a crag worthy to be bolted. With the help of very supportive people, local climbers, and the Poog barangay council, this dream is beginning taking shape; there are now 14 bolted routes in the crag.

Welcoming 2015

Our anniversary is always special, and we celebrated our second year as a loving couple in the exotic, aquamarine, cliff-filled paradise of Bacuit Bay in El Nido. But this time, we decided to share the love by bringing in Alexa and a cool group of friends.

Welcoming 2015

But despite the happiness and excitement in 2014, we had a very sad, devastating episode that shocked the entire outdoor community in Cebu. Our good friend, faithful guide, and fellow adventurer Aldrin Carba (a.k.a. Sir Ya Man) perished in the canyons of Alegria-Badian while guiding a group of visitors. We find consolation that he died doing the thing he loved the most. This unfortunate incident also showed us just how merciless, powerful, and indifferent Mother Nature is; and she could snuff out our lives in a snap.

Rest in peace, Sir Ya Man. You are home.

Welcoming 2015

As travelers and adventurers, we know that the sea is another world worth exploring. To prepare ourselves to safely enjoy this world (and to show our respect to the ocean), we were trained to acquire a diving license with the help of our skillful instructor Jonjie. This year, we became certified PADI Open Water Divers.

Welcoming 2015

Facing an impending shift in our careers was quite stressful. To de-stress ourselves, we visited the pristine paradise of remote Bucas Grande. Oh yes, to say that we regained our positive energy is an understatement! We swam with gentle jellyfishes, explored caves, found a hidden lake, and toured shallow reefs.

Welcoming 2015

Many natural wonders seem to choose who they want to witness their secrets. We were lucky because we were able to go inside the mysterious and enthralling Sohoton Cove, which can only be accessed during high tides. Now we believe that there is truly a place where fairies and sea nymphs call home.

Welcoming 2015

We were more than stoked as we rode the waves of the world-renowned break in Cloud 9 in General Luna, Siargao. We understood why surfing and the sport’s accompanying culture are addictive! It’s very tribal and humble yet quaking with adrenaline. We got so hooked that we have made plans to visit more surfing spots in the country.

Welcoming 2015

Siargao is not just about waves, surfing, bikini-clad ladies, and ripped gentlemen. It is also a haven of pearly white sandbars, secluded islands, and unique tide pools that will surely captivate anyone’s imagination.

Welcoming 2015

We are simply very grateful to have parents and families who are very supportive to our endeavors. In fact, my father bought us a brand new, ultra-cool inflatable Sea Eagle kayak so we could add the sea in our list of playgrounds.

Welcoming 2015

Tasting delicious local dishes is integral in adventuring. So, it was truly a gastronomic experience when we tried the overwhelmingly tasty tuslob-buwa in Papart’s. Each mouthful of puso dipped in the thick froth is an experience that speaks volumes of camaraderie and Cebuano culture.

Welcoming 2015

Our very own Cebu province has one of the 7 major flyways in the world for migrating birds. Together with Alexa and a few friends, we visited the Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary to learn more about our winged friends. During our visit, we realized the importance of preserving sanctuaries like these save our ailing environment.

Welcoming 2015

Life is a whole lot like rock climbing. Sometimes, you breeze up the crag. Sometimes, it takes ages. There are times when fear takes a hold as you hang on to that small crimper. And often, your mind is filled with uncertainties whether you can make it to the top. But when you fall after failing to clip that anchor, you need to get right back up and never give up because you’ll never know what’s beyond that next hold. Then when you finally clip on to that anchor, you’ll realize that nothing is impossible.

Welcoming 2015


The year 2014 was one filled with completely unexpected surprises. You see, dear readers, we always strive to make Adrenaline Romance as entertaining and helpful as we can for you. Even though you may be far from us, we always strive to find ways so that you would experience what we have experienced through our posts.

It’s a passion and calling that we gladly embrace, and we were extremely happy and humbled when we received some prestigious recognitions as a prize for our efforts.

MagTV Na, a local show of ABS-CBN, featured Team Sweetie for their Valentines special. They wanted to feature a unique couple, a couple who loves extreme sports. We had a video shoot and interview in our playground in Cantabaco.

Welcoming 2015

We became brand ambassadors of the world-renowned outdoor equipment brand Sea to Summit. We are honored to use and promote their top-quality products.

Welcoming 2015

Bo’s Coffee, one of Cebu’s most successful homegrown businesses, invited us to the launching of their Origins Travel Journal. More than just a handsome leather-bound journal, this movement is to promote tourism, local talent, homegrown brands, and Filipino creativity. We are proud and more than willing to be part of that movement.

Welcoming 2015

For us, this was the grandest and most prestigious surprise of the year! Adrenaline Romance was named the Best Cebu Travel Blog of 2014 by the Best Cebu Blog Awards organization.

Welcoming 2015

It was the first time we ever won anything, and we were actually speechless when we went up the stage to accept the award. Congratulations to the winners and finalists of the other categories. Thank you very much, Best Cebu Blog Awards, and rest assured that we will continue to support your endeavor.

Welcoming 2015

To all the hardworking and amazing guides who happily assisted us in all our adventures and trips, we give our heartfelt gratitude. They are the keystone people who made our adventures fun, exciting, and safe.

Welcoming 2015

Thank you to our fellow adventurers and new friends who joined us in our adventures. Let our passion for adventures and the outdoors blaze on.

Welcoming 2015

Thank you to our beloved families for the unending and wholehearted support in our passions.

Welcoming 2015

Most importantly, we would like to thank the most important people of all, you dear readers and followers, who contributed to the success of Adrenaline Romance. With your support, we have acquired the following impressive statistics:

  • 219 blog followers
  • 1,618 Twitter followers
  • 2,140 Facebook followers
  • 832 Facebook Page likes

We wish you a Happy New Year, friends! We are super excited to start off another round of exciting escapades this 2015! So, pack your bags, slop on some sunblock, and let’s go adventuring!

Welcoming 2015

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Rock climbers. Mountaineers. Sweethearts on adventure. Adrenaline Romance is a photoblog that belongs to a loving couple who has an eternal lust for adventure. The blog contains experiences, tips, itineraries, and other useful information regarding adventuring in the Philippines and beyond.

21 comments on “Welcoming an Exciting 2015 and Saying Thank You to a Lovely 2014

  1. I’m worn out reading that… 🙂
    I’m getting much fitter, or so I thought, wow you guys are nuts. What a fabulous life you have built together.
    Have a super 2015.

  2. Reblogged this on Uncle Spike's Adventures and commented:
    There have been many many fab posts today, with many bloggers recalling all that has happened during 2014. How to pick a favourite… well, that’s quite a nightmare!

    This post is by a couple of lovebirds who adore every second of their lives. Gian and Sheila hail from Cebu in the Philippines, and are my inspiration when it comes to proving that nothing is impossible… Just check out their About page for starters.

    Happy New Year Team Sweetie (that’ what they call themselves).


  3. Happy New Year Team Sweetie. I’ve enjoyed reading your post for 2014 and look forward to reading about all of your fab adventures which are in store for 2015.. Take care & Happy blogging to ya…

    • Hi Sweetpea2love,

      Thank you very much! Your blog “Is It Really That Easy” is really wonderful, and we started following it.

      Happy New Year and may your 2015 be filled with love and adventure!

      • Hello there Adrenaline Romance, Thanking you kindly for following my blog. I’ve really enjoyed traveling over to your blog as well. Take care & Happy blogging to ya in 2015

  4. Congratulations on your awards for the year! Here’s to more awesome travels and milestones this 2015! 🙂

  5. You’ve had a wonderful and awesome 2014. Wishing you both more travels and safe adventures in 2015.
    Looking forward to reading more of your life experiences.
    Cheers! 🙂

  6. Hi Sir! This is my new favorite blog especially that you also love travelling with your better half! 🙂 Hehe. We are planning to be in Cebu this Feb, would you be able to advise tips or good people to contact? 🙂 I already have my prepared itinerary, we will visit the southern Cebu – Oslob, Moalboal and then back to Cebu City. 🙂 More blessings to come Sir! 🙂

    • Hi Winaydapu,

      Thank you very much for the compliment! Moalboal is a great place for snorkeling and diving; the activities there are relatively affordable. And you can visit Aguinid Falls in Oslob too.

      Regarding “good people to contact,” it depends on the activities you want to undertake. For instance, if you wish to try rock climbing here in Cebu, we can recommend you some guides.

      Have an adventure-filled 2015 to you, your loved ones, and friends!

  7. I’ve nominated you for – The One Lovely Blog Award, Please visit the link.


  8. Hello there, beautiful people!!! I so love your video! Have a happy new year, guys!

  9. Fantastic 2014, Team Sweetie! More adventures this year!

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