Calawag Mountain Resort: Relaxation, Adventures, and a Hot Bath

Calawag Mountain Resort

Hello readers! Before anything else, we would like to apologize for the long absence. Work has been crazy! But we’re now back to regular programming.

There is a new special place in Antique where nature, relaxation, food, and adventure all come together in a delightful gruel. It’s located up in the visually stunning highlands of Tibiao. It is a place where you can have a truly enchanting, exciting experience. That place is called Calawag Mountain Resort.

We had a great snooze in a real, comfortable bed after our grueling 3-day climb up Mt. Madjaas. The morning after, Tatay Josue’s family prepared a hot breakfast, gave us a kilo of fresh Indian mangoes, and sent us on our way back to Culasi.

After logging out at the police station and getting our climb certificates at the tourism office, we hailed a tricycle to take us to Kawa Inn and Tibiao Fish Spa in the next municipality of Tibiao. If you’ve been reading our blogs, this place might seem familiar to you. That’s because this is one of the places where we spent the night during our week-long Experience Antique tour three years ago.

Tibiao, Antique

We stopped by the Tibiao Fish Spa at first so we could meet Sir Flord and his would-be wife Detchie, the owners of Calawag Moountain Resort, Tibiao Fish Spa, and Katahum Tours. We enjoyed some fresh cups of hot coffee before we proceeded to the new Calawag Mountain Resort in the Tibiao highlands.

And what a beautiful place it is! We walked through a manicured garden filled with lovely and lush local foliage.

Calawag Mountain Resort
(Photo credit: Calawag Mountain Resort)

Our feet were still sore from our Mt. Madjaas climb, and we know we have chaffed our soles after walking for 3 days in the forest. Good thing that the Calawag Mountain Resort has a fish spa! Yes, we had hundreds of tiny, locally bred “thera-fish” to scrub our feet.

It’s a foot scrub like no other. Hundreds of fish nibble away at the dead skin on our feet and legs. The nibbling action tickles! It’s fun!

Fish Spa

A love nest? The resort has a lot of cute features like this for those cool Instagram photos!

Calawag Mountain Resort
(Photo credit: Calawag Mountain Resort)

The Calawag Mountain Resort sits at the bank of the picturesque Tibiao River. Experience a stunning vista of the clean river against the backdrop of Antique’s beautiful mountains.

See those tables in the water? Yes, you guessed it; that’s where we ate our lunch! There’s nothing better than eating sumptuous dishes while enjoying the river caressing our feet.

Lunch at Tibiao River
(Photo credit: Calawag Mountain Resort)

You can order indigenous and delicious Antique dishes, which allow you to experience the region’s culinary culture as well as satisfy your tummy. And to cap it all off, musicians and singers serenade you while you enjoy your meal.

Tibiao River Lunch
(Photo credit: Calawag Mountain Resort)

Swinging by the river? Why not?

Calawag Mountain Resort
(Photo credit: Calawag Mountain Resort)

Of course, the kawa hot bath is the star of the show in Calawag Mountain Resort. Large woks called “kawas” are filled with fresh water and heated. Local flowers, herbs, and fragrant leaves, are added to the steaming water. The “garnishes” gives off a sweet scent. Even the smell is already refreshing!

Kawa Hot Bath

What’s more, all kawas face the Tibiao River. So while we’re relaxing, we could enjoy the beautiful scenery of rivers, mountains, and trees.

Kawa Hot Bath

Kawas are testaments of Filipino ingenuity. You see, these vessels were once used to process molasses.

The large kawas used in the hot baths were once vessels that are used to process molasses. As more advanced methods of refining sugar became available, the kawas became obsolete. But creative and enterprising locals found another use for them by utilizing them as hot tubs.

Kawa Hot Bath
(Photo credit: Calawag Mountain Resort)

The resort takes the kawa hot bath to an entirely new level. Rather than just plain heated water, guests can now choose different kinds of kawa baths. Believe it or not, there’s milk, beer, coffee, and other kinds of baths! Can you imagine yourself being immersed in hot milk?

The flavors of kawa! Only in Calawag Mountain Resort!

Milk Hot Bath
(Photo credit: Calawag Mountain Resort)

If immersing in hot kawas is not enough for you to give those aching muscles a soothing treat, then these massages will definitely do the trick. Expert masseuses will literally squeeze, pull, and push all those aches and stress away from your body.

And yes, you can have a massage using coffee granules as a scrub!

Massage at Calawag Mountain Resort
(Photo credit: Calawag Mountain Resort)

Calawag Mountain Resort is also a perfect venue for group activities such as team building, family reunions, picnics, parties, and more. In fact, the owners—Sir Flord and Maam Detchie—had their wedding reception there. It’s also a great place for photo sessions.

A Weddig at Calawag Mountain Resort
(Photo credit: Calawag Mountain Resort)

For adrenaline junkies like us, the resort also offers great adventures! Foremost is riding the nearby fast-flowing Tibiao River in a rubber tube. Yes, that’s river tubing! If you’re not familiar with this awesome activity, check out our river tubing adventure in Bugang River, Antique.

Tibiao River Tubing
(Photo credit: Calawag Mountain Resort)

Does the river and rapids look familiar? That’s because this is the same river where we enjoyed our whitewater kayaking adventure.

Tibiao River Tubing
(Photo credit: Calawag Mountain Resort)

They also offer exciting tours and adventures all around Antique courtesy of Katahum Tours. Let them take you to Mararison Island, Bugtong Bato Falls, Antique Rice Terraces, Seco Island, and many more! Experience Antique with Calawag Mountain Resort, who will give you an enchanting, exciting experience in Antique.

Cover Photo credit: Calawag Mountain Resort)

Contact Details

For rates, bookings, and other information, get in touch with Calawag Mountain Resort using the following contact details:

  • Address: Barangay Tuno, Tibiao, Antique, Philippines
  • Website: Katahum Tours
  • Facebook Page: Calawag Mountain Resort
  • Email: fate@katahum.com / katahumtoursantique@gmail.com
  • Phone Number: 0917-450-3121 / 0917-531-6518
  • Contact Person: Flord or Detchie

How to Get There

Take a flight or boat trip from Manila or Cebu to either Iloilo or Kalibo.

  • From Iloilo, take a bus bound for Culasi or Kalibo. Tell the bus conductor to drop you at the crossing of Barangay Tuno in Tibiao. From there, ride a habal-habal (motorcycle for hire) to take you to Calawag Mountain Resort. Fare should be more or less Php 70 per person.
  • From Kalibo, take a bus bound for Culasi or Iloilo. If you’re taking the latter, make sure to ask the conductor/driver if they will stop at Tibiao; we believe there are now two routes to Iloilo. Tell the bus conductor to drop you at the crossing of Barangay Tuno in Tibiao. From there, ride a habal-habal (motorcycle for hire) to take you to Calawag Mountain Resort. Fare should be more or less Php 70 per person.

Rates, fees, and other information mentioned are subject to change without prior notice.

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5 comments on “Calawag Mountain Resort: Relaxation, Adventures, and a Hot Bath

  1. I would love to soak and relax in that awesome tub, and I am completely sold! Plus, dining at the lake is another treat 🙂

  2. Oh, this looks like a lot of fun. Though I don’t know about being cooked in an old kettle, whether they’re calling it a hot now, or not. Just kidding. The spa looks great and like a nice bit of relaxation after some serious hiking.

  3. Considering I’m always on my computer, I would love to escape and take refuge here for a couple of days. I also appreciate that there’s an adventure component!

  4. I’d love to visit a place where nature, relaxation, food, and adventure can come together-Calawag Mountain Resort in the Tibiao highlands sounds like a gem! I’ve never actually visited a fish spa before but I can imagine that after your Mt. Madjaas climb, a spa experience of soothing those tired feet must have been most welcome. Enjoying a meal at those dinner tables along the river bed as the river flows by your feet with music playing in the backdrop must have been a unique experience. I must say, I am definitely intrigued by your account of the kawa hot bath – sounds like the perfect way to unwind and take in the beautiful surroundings.

  5. wow I never knew where this place was! but Now i know thanks to your blog. Keep sharing please 🙂

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