Malapascua Budget Inn: A Cool Haven for the Budget-Conscious Traveler

Common Area

We want to spend the bulk of our travel money in our activities and adventures. Thus, like many travelers, we always look for ways to keep their expenses for accommodation as low as possible. To keep our accommodation expenses to a minimum level, we rarely book in hotels. After all, why would we pay for luxuries when we barely have the chance to use them since we are out adventuring all day? An inn or hostel with a comfortable bed with a clean bath and toilet is good enough for us.  The rustic Malapascua Budget Inn in Logon, Malapascua Island is an ideal home away from home for those who are keeping a tight lid on their travel expenses.

The management of Malapascua Budget Inn invited several members of the Cebu Bloggers Society, including Team Sweetie, for a one-night stay in their facility. We agreed and met with other friendly bloggers in Mandaue where a chartered van waited for us. Because of the breakneck speed of the hired van we were riding in, we arrived at Daan Bantayan’s new port in Maya at 5AM. That’s a 3-plus-hour ride condensed into less than two hours! We had a bit of time to relax and get our internal gyroscopes to adjust back to steadiness after two hours of being whisked around the van.

At 6AM, we boarded the pump boat that was assigned to us.

Leaving for Malapascua

At first, we were a little bit concerned of choppy waters. After all, it’s August and the start of the habagat (monsoon) season. In the distance, layers of gray stratus clouds loom ominously in the horizon.

But surprisingly, the Visayan Sea was quite calm. The short voyage to Malapascua Island was smooth and comfortable.

Leaving for Malapascua

In less than an hour, we arrived at sandy Bounty Beach where Sir Jose Amistoso, our guide and owner of Malapascua Budget Inn, met us.

Malapascua Budget Inn is located in Barangay Logon, a few hundred yards away from the shore. Although the interior location discounts any possibility of enjoying a seaside scenery in the facility, we actually prefer it. That’s because it is far from the loud noises, chaotic party scenes, and large throngs of tourists.

Arrival at Malapascua Island

After a 5-minute walk in the sandy pathways that serve as Malapascua’s streets, we finally arrived at the humble Malapascua Budget Inn.

Don’t be fooled about the seemingly fragile fence. This humble establishment is equipped with CCTV cameras to make your stay safe and secure.

Malapascua Budget Inn

The first thing that impressed us is this open-air common area that triples as a chill-out bar, dining area, and entertainment center. Low tables, comfortable cushions, and fluffy throw pillows make the common area the perfect place to relax.

Not enough to bring you to bliss? Then you can just hang around at the hammocks located between the pillars of the common area.

Behind the common area are clean, spacious common toilets and showers that can be used by the inn’s guests.

Common Area

Aww, how nice! Thank you very much for this kind gesture. That delicious welcome cake was enough to give us good vibes for the day.

Beautiful cake!

Before the day’s adventure around Malapascua Island, we need to fuel up. Sir Jose prepared a simple, traditional Filipino breakfast of fried danggit, eggs, hotdogs, and various sausages.

Traditional Filipino Breakfast

Don’t be fooled by their happy, smiling faces. They were desperately trying to conceal their desire to devour the sumptuous food on the table. Hehehe!

Pretty girls and boys!

Okay, the needed photos were taken. It’s now time to attack!


For a bit of intellectual entertainment, Malapascua Budget Inn has several board games for guests to play. Have a friendly game of chess, Scrabble, Snakes and Ladders, Monopoly, and more with friends, family members, and fellow guests.

These bloggers seem to have a whole lot of fun playing a round of Scrabble.

Board games are available!

After a hearty breakfast, it was time to take a tour of the inn. Their spacious dorm room is perfect for budget-conscious travelers, families, or a group of friends. The largest dorm room has 14 individual, comfortable bunks, each with a divider and curtain for privacy. The dorm room also has its own toilet and bath.

Normally, powerful electric fans are used to provide air circulation. But if the room is filled up, the air-conditioner is switched on to ward off the heat.

Dorm room
(Photo credit: Malapascua Budget Inn)

They also have air-conditioned twin-bed rooms for families and guests who want a little more privacy. The room can accommodate a maximum of four people. Notice the absence of luxuries and accessories.

Comfortable beds

Single-bed, air-conditioned rooms are great for couples and those who want utmost privacy.

Single bed

Their single-bed rooms have private closets and bathrooms. Thus, after a long day of island hopping, scuba diving, swimming, and kite surfing, a guest staying in a single-bed room can simply take a shower and flop down for an utterly relaxing sleep.


Some guests, like us, may prefer to cook their own meals to save money or to create a taste of home. Malapascua Budget Inn has a homey common kitchen where guests can prepare their own delectable culinary masterpieces.

Homey kitchen

After an awesome day’s adventure around Malapascua, we returned to the Inn to prepare for dinner. It was in the evening when the facility glowed with its true, soft beauty. Bathed in the gentle illumination coming from daylight LED bulbs, the bar beckons guests and customers a pleasant night of fun and relaxation.


For dinner, Sir Jose prepared a fun boodle fight. For the uninitiated, a boodle fight is a picnic-style communal meal wherein different viands are placed on large banana leaves. It’s an eco-friendly way of eating for fun, camaraderie, and unity.

Boodle dinner

Our boodle dinner consisted of chunky chicken-and-pork menudo (chicken and pork stewed in tomato sauce) and sinuous bam-i with sauteed meat and vegetables (egg noodles). Yummy and filling indeed!


Sir Jose can set up a projector and screen so you can check out cool movies. He has a collection of DVDs to choose from. Pull up a cushion, order some snacks and drinks, and enjoy blockbusters.

Movie and game night
(Photo credit: Malapascua Budget Inn)

Or if they want a more quiet night-time episode, guests can read various books and magazines in the Inn’s collection. The facility has WiFi signal so you can check on your Facebook, send emails, read online news, and more.

Books and magazines to read

Before saying goodbye to Malapascua, don’t forget to leave a nice message (or pin a photo) on their guest board. Who knows? By reading messages left by guests, you can find the meaning of life, chance upon a business partner, or stumble upon your destined sweetheart.

Autograph wall

That’s ours!

That's us!

If you want a no-frills deal in accommodation, then Malapascua Budget Inn is the right choice in this lovely island. The facility has the right touch of homeyness, and the staff are exceptionally friendly. It’s a place where comfort, ease of mind, friendliness, and affordability blend in one harmonious melody. Book at Malapascua Budget Inn now!

Special Thanks

We would like to thank Sir Jose Amistoso, proprietor of Malapascua Budget Inn, for letting us stay in this humble accommodation. He is an exceptional guide and friendly host. He discussed with us his future plans for Malapascua Budget Inn, and his plans really look very promising. With his leadership, this humble inn is sure to become a superstar in accommodations in Malapascua.

Sir Jose and Team Sweetie

Thank you very much too to the amazing bloggers of Cebu Bloggers Society for inviting us. You guys are totally awesome, and sharing the fun with you made this weekend even better!

Cebu Bloggers Society


Public Transport (same rates apply on the return trip)

  • P 160 per person – non-aircon bus (Cebu North Bus Terminal to old Maya Port)
  • P 180 per person – aircon bus (Cebu North Bus Terminal to old Maya Port)
  • P 200 per person – aircon van (Cebu North Bus Terminal to old Maya Port)
  • P 100 per person – boat fare from old Maya port to Malapascua

Room Rates

Malapascua Budget Inn has two rates, peak season and low season. Peak season rates are applicable from September to May the following year. Low season rates are applicable June to August. Rates do not include breakfast.

Private Air-conditioned Room with toilet and bath (good for 2 people)
* P 2,000 per night – peak season rate
* P1,300 per night – low season rate

Private Air-conditioned Family Room with toilet and bath (good for 4 people)
* P 2,500 per night – peak season rate
* P 1,800 per night – low season rate

Private Air-conditioned Room without toilet and bath (good for 4 people). Usage of common toilet and bath
* P 1,800 per night – peak season rate
* P 1,500 per night – low season rate

Fan-cooled Dorm Rooms (bunk beds good for 4, 10, and 14 people). Air-conditioner is turned on for free if the room is fully booked.
* P 400 per night – peak season rate
* P 300 per night – low season rate


* CCTV equipped
* common kitchen
* free WiFi
* Chill out bar
* Board games
* sports games (volleyball and frisbee)
* Videoke (2 to 8 PM)
* Movie nights (8 PM and beyond)


1. Get in touch with Mr. Jose Amistoso of Malapascua Budget Inn by using the contact details below:

  • Street Address: Tawigan Logon, Malapascua Island, Daan Bantayan, Cebu, Philippines 6013
  • Mobile Number: +63 977 8203 111
  • Email: malapascuabudgetinn@gmail.com
  • Website: Malapascua Budget Inn
  • Facebook Page: Malapascua Budget Inn

2. You can also arrange with Malapascua Budget Inn for the following:

Airport Shuttle Services
* P 3,500 for private van (Mactan International Airport to Maya New Port)
* P 3,000 for private car (Mactan International Airport to Maya New Port)

Private Boat from Maya New Port to Malapascua Island
* P 1,500 to P2,500 depending on the number of guests and time slot of pickup

Boat Tour (or island hopping) around Malapascua Island
* P 300 per person (inclusive of snorkeling gear, marine fee, entrance fee). Discounts may be given for large groups. The tour also includes the following activities:
– snorkeling at coral gardens
– cliff jumping
– chilling at Bantique Beach area

Round Trip to Kalanggaman Island (inclusive of lunch, exclusive of entrance fees)
* P 800 per head
* P 150 per head – Kalanggaman Island entrance fee for locals
* P 500 per head – Kalanggaman Island entrance fee for foreigners

Malapascua Budget Inn can also facilitate scuba diving adventures with dive shops around the island. Rates vary according to dive requirements.

* All figures are subject to change without prior notice.

About Gian and Sheila

Rock climbers. Mountaineers. Sweethearts on adventure. Adrenaline Romance is a photoblog that belongs to a loving couple who has an eternal lust for adventure. The blog contains experiences, tips, itineraries, and other useful information regarding adventuring in the Philippines and beyond.

17 comments on “Malapascua Budget Inn: A Cool Haven for the Budget-Conscious Traveler

  1. I’ve never been to Malapascua, merely because I aim to get my PADI license first before heading to this place. 😉 I read many reviews for Malapascua but this is my first to hear about the Malapascua Budget Inn. I have to bookmark this for it honestly suits to what I want in a place to stay. Thanks Gian and Sheila

    • Hi Ferna,

      Nice! Staying in Malapascua Budget Inn is inexpensive, so you can allocate the bulk of your budget to diving, dining, and other activities.

      We plan to dive sometime in Malapascua (hope we’ll meet underwater. Hehehe!), and we’re definitely staying in MBI. 🙂

  2. Wow , awesome adventure!

  3. This is good to know. Haven’t been to Malapascua yet although my wife and I spent our honeymoon at nearby Bantayan Island.

  4. You guys are blessed to get invited and stay in their budget friendly accomodation. I’ve been trying to visit Malapascua like three times already, but me and my friends always failed to pursue our plan. Perhaps one of these days, and I’ll surely contact this budget inn.

  5. Aww. Too bad this was not yet around when we were there. Perhaps, next time,

  6. first and last time namo naka anhi sa ako wife kay uyab pa mi. That was 12 years ago. It would be nice if mka suroy mi balik puhon. eBookmark ko ni for future reference

  7. I think I already know where to go next. Thanks! 🙂

  8. I’m traveling alone in Cebu. What time do they usually do the Island Hopping? Do they have like a public schedule for that? Thank you. I’m staying here one night. Thank you.

    • Hi John Nicolle,

      You mean island hopping around Malapascua? You can have do that any time.

      If you are referring to the ferry trip from Maya Port to Malapascua Island, the regular ferry trips are hourly.

      Hope this helps. Thank you! 🙂

  9. 😉 I read many reviews for Malapascua but this is my first to hear about the Malapascua Budget Inn. I have to bookmark this for it honestly suits to what I want in a place to stay.

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