10 Highly Recommended Trips for the Ber Months

Flight above the Clouds

The wonderful “ber” months are upon us! As the countdown to the Yuletide Season begins, why don’t you check out some marvelous destinations around the Philippines? Indeed, the last quarter of the year is a perfect time to travel. Beaches are less crowded, towns are starting to fan the embers of Christmas, and the weather becomes pleasantly cool. Here are some highly recommended trips that you can do these ber months by Team Sweetie.

We provided a link to the specific blog post of each destination. For itineraries, budgets, contact details, and other important information of a destination or activity that interests you, please click on that link.

1. The Cordillera Administrative Region Loop

Echo Valley

This long trip takes you to verdant mountains and quiet highland towns located at the north part of Central Luzon. Experience the local highland culture of Ifugao and Benguet that has been preserved for hundreds of years. Be mesmerized at our ancestor’s ingenuity after looking at the magnificent Banaue Rice Terraces. Then head off to Sagada to explore its caves, valleys, rivers, and famous hanging coffins. For an adrenaline boost, try rock climbing in Sagada. Finally, head off refreshing Baguio, the summer capital of the Philippines.

2. The Ilocos Stretch

Patapat Viaduct

Enjoy a journey that takes you to our historical, cultural, and natural treasures. Walk back into the past and learn more about our country’s pre-Spanish and Spanish colonial history in the heritage town of Vigan. Proceed north and have an amazing adventure in the sand dunes of La Paz, Laoag. Wonder at the magnificent rock formations and gigantic windmills of Kapurpurawan. Lastly, head off to the charming resort town of Pagudpud for a variety of relaxing activities.

3. The Caraga Region Sojourn

Enchanted River

Mindanao is a land of promise, and those promises are fulfilled beautifully in the lovely Caraga region. From Butuan, head off to Bislig to witness the imposing Tinuy-an Falls. Visit the realm of enkantos in surreal Enchanted River. Dig your feet in the soft sands of Cagwait Beach before owning one of the islands in the Britania Group of Islands. For your final stop, head north to Surigao City and enjoy Mabua Pebble Beach whose shores are made of huge, polished rocks rather than sand!

4. The Bucas Grande and Siargao Jump

Surfing in Siargao

Are you a water baby? Does the thought of aquamarine waters, secret coves, and rocky islets entice you? Then you’ll love the water adventures in Bucas Grande and Siargao. Swim with jellyfish, cruise in the pristine waters, and have a picnic in one of the white-sand beaches in Sohoton Bay. Enter an otherworldly realm in Sohoton Cove where you can encounter a snoring cave, fruit bats, and more. But before that, check out the underworld kingdoms of Crystal Cave and Bolitas Cave. Of course, you shouldn’t miss out surfing the world-class waves in Cloud 9, Siargao. Cap it off with an island hopping adventure off the coast and at the edge of the Pacific Ocean. Don’t forget to visit the aquamarine Magpupungko Pools; they are a wonder of Mother Nature.

5. The Iloilo and Guimaras Jaunt

Guisi Lighthouse

There are so many exciting places and amazing adventures in Iloilo and Guimaras! For starters, tour around the ultramodern Iloilo Business Park, the charming old city center, and the popular Esplanade. Don’t forget to sample their yummylicious dishes, which are sure to tantalize your taste buds. An afternoon climb up Adventure Central will surely strengthen and tone your muscles while having a lot of fun. If you love beaches and sandbars, head up north to magical Islas de Gigantes or the serene sandbars of Conception. Guimaras Island, which lies just across the port of Iloilo, has a plethora of interesting places—lighthouse ruins, beaches, windmills, islets, and more. Don’t miss out trying Guimaras’ luscious and juicy mangoes; they’re the sweetest in the world!

6. The Experience Antique Adventure

Water Tubing in Bugang River

Unassuming and underrated, the province of Antique has a smorgasbord of fantastic destinations that will easily fill up a week. Let’s name a few: mysterious Maanghit Cave in Libertad, grandiose Igpasungaw Falls in Sebaste, sparkling Bugang River in Pandan, wet and wild Tibiao River in Culasi, cultural immersion in Valderama’s rice farms, and many more! If you get tired of all those adventures, immerse yourself in their unique hot kawa bath; you’ll never look at soup the same way again! Experience beauty, culture, and adventure! Experience Antique!

7. The Bohol Getaway


Bohol is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Philippines because of its massive myriad of attractions, activities, and delicious delights. Explore the underwater kingdom in Balicasag Island, Arco Point, and Cantagay Marine Sanctuary. Bask in the islands surrounding Panglao. Β Take a road trip. Take a tour around the rustic town of Jagna. Bohol is also home to world-renowned resorts such as The Bellevue Bohol and Bluewater Panglao Beach Resort. Food lovers also find it a delectable paradise; try out the delicious dishes of 10:31, Lamian Restaurant, Marea Al Fresco, and the famous themed dinners of Aplaya Restaurant. Oh, and enjoy the sticky and sweet calamay, the island’s most famous delicacy. Behold Bohol!

8. The Cagayan and Camiguin Vacation


A city of streams of rivers and an island of fire! What a perfect combination! Start out your adventure by navigating through the raging Cagayan de Oro river, which is a world-renowned venue for whitewater rafting. After cooling off from an adrenaline-pumping ride, head off to the tranquil island of Camiguin. Visit towering Katibawasan Falls, freezing Santo NiΓ±o cold springs, warm Ardent Springs, and relaxing Bura Soda Water Park. Renew your spiritual energy at the Old Vulcan Walkway, church ruins, and Sunken Cemetery. Don’t forget to visit sandy White Island and snap a picture of the spectacular volcanoes of Camiguin.

9. The Palawan Mainland Tour

Puerto Princesa Underground River

Palawan is one of the Philippine’s last frontiers, and it is truly a destination worth visiting! Puerto Princesa is most famous for the Puerto Princesa Underground River, one of the New 7 Wonders of the World. But there are other attractions worth visiting such as the Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center, World War 2 Museum, Baker’s Hill, and more. You can also visit the nearby islands around Honda Bay. After you have your fill of Puerto Princesa, take a 5-hour ride to picturesque Bacuit Bay, up north in El Nido. Hire a boat to take you around the unique islands, sandbars, secret coves, caves, and cliffs around the bay.

10. Waterfall Hopping in Samboan, Cebu

Aguinid Falls

Samboan is the rustic waterfall capital of the tropical Cebu. You can start out with the main ones—imposing Dau Falls, magical Binalayan Hidden Falls, and the multi-tiered Aguinid Falls. Then explore more remote ones such as Candayvic Falls and Calasa Falls. But the wonders do not cease with Samboan’s waterfalls. Strap on your snorkel sets and explore the mighty and rich coral reef of Colase Marine Sanctuary, which may very well be part of the biggest marine sanctuary in Cebu!

Let’s make the countdown to the Yuletide Season a merry, exciting, and mind-opening one. Book those tickets, pack your bags, and set off to a great ber adventure!

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27 comments on “10 Highly Recommended Trips for the Ber Months

  1. Been in Bohol so I guess I would like to visit someday Siargao….

  2. These are truly the best places to visit. I haven’t been to Bucas Grande, maybe next year will surely visit it. I love all the astonishing list of places in this post.

    • Hi Lai,

      Indeed! These are actually some of the best backpacking trips we had. They’re quite easy to get to, and all of them can be done in around 3 days to a week. The 10th, of course, can be done in a weekend. πŸ™‚

  3. Wow. We really need to visit the Philippines.

  4. Nice – the Philippines have been on my bucket list forever, think it’s about time…And your pix are quite inspiring, too. Thanx – and happy travel!

  5. Oh my goodness, this is making me want to hop on a plane to the Philippines! The Caraga region looks absolutely incredible, as does Palawan and Cebu. I hope to make it there one day!

    • Hi Flo,

      Our Caraga backpacking trip was actually one of the best trips we undertook. It’s charming and quiet. Palawan is absolutely mesmerizing—almost magical. And Cebu, our home province, is amazing!

      Please do visit the Philippines if you have the chance. πŸ™‚

  6. All those trips seems amazing! Waterfall Hopping seems like something I would enjoy the most as I am such a fan of every one I see ! I can’t wait to visit Philippines one day to see this wonderful places and stunning sunsets!

  7. These places you featured in the post are amazing. I never knew the Philippines has such beauty as that. I know of the beaches but not other landscapes such as the island of Fire at Cagayan. Yoir recommendations are really adventurous and sounds like a good way to finish the year.

  8. Wow. Thanks for giving us great visual opportunities for my husband and I to visit. Hopefully our knees will be able to handle the travel to those beautiful points of interest. My husband’s parents were from the Philippines and has he has only visited when he was three years old. Of course we would have to visit his namesake Baguio City the summer capital with the ironic twist during the “ber” months.

    • Hi Pack Your Baguios,

      Oh, you and your husband can definitely do all these things. They’re not as extreme as our other adventures and trips. You’ll have to take motion-sickness pills though; a lot of these trips involve long bus trips and/or choppy waters.

      Ah, his folks are from the Philippines? Where exactly in the Philippines?

      For us, Baguio is one of the most beautiful cities in the Philippines. If given the chance, we would definitely live there. Very pleasant and cool climate. πŸ™‚

  9. Great list!!
    It reminded me the time that I was in the Philippines.
    Loved El Nido, one of my favorite laces on Earth, and had a lot of fun on Aguinid Falls.
    Yet there arre so many other places to visit.
    Cheers guys πŸ˜‰

  10. Lovely Post. Soon I and my girlfriend will start our trip around Southeast Asia and end in the Philippines, we have some places in our itinerary that you describe on your post. Palawan is such an amazing place, we will visit Puerto Princesa, El Nido and Coron. I’m very excited to know the Philippines and your post makes me want it more.

    • Hi Wise Travellers,

      You will love it here in the Philippines. So many unique destinations and activities. Yes, Palawan is truly a great place. We haven’t been to Coron yet, but we may be able to do just that next year after Cebu Pacific announced they are opening a direct flight from Cebu (our hometown) to Coron. Do try wreck diving in Coron; the wrecks there are said to be awesome!

  11. Its so beautiful, particularly the caraga region. Also, I would love to experience the local highland culture of Ifugao and Benguet. Great recommendations!!

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