Sail Away! A Dreamy Way to Relax

P/Y Jokai 1

Breathe. Relax. Invigorate. These three words remind us that living life is more than just studying, working, and bearing the weight of our personal world on our shoulders. Indeed, we ensure that we revitalize ourselves after a hard week’s work and study. We do this through traveling and engaging in outdoor activities. However, little did we know that this year’s summer, one of our best relaxation moments also turned out to be a surprise accomplishment of one of our fondest wishes.

You see, after reading lots of luxury travel magazines, Sheila and I dreamed of sailing in a luxury yacht. It would be the epitome of romance, pleasure, and relaxation. So when we received an email from Purple Chalk Philippines inviting us for an afternoon yacht cruise, we readily said yes. The cruise was sponsored by International Pharmaceuticals Inc. (IPI), the Philippines’ leading manufacturer and distributor of various pharmaceutical and consumer products. At long last, we will be able to tick off a dream activity that has been sitting in our bucket list for far too long.

It was a searing afternoon so we raced against the sun to have some shade. Good thing that Cebu Yacht Club‘s in-house restaurant Vue is just a 10-minute walk from the ML Quezon highway. And it got better still. While fellow bloggers, influencers, and other guests were waiting for the program to start, the staff of Purple Chalk provided us with appetizers and drinks. We were also treated to an energetic dance performance by these sexy ladies. Whew, the afternoon just got hotter.

Shortly before 4 PM, the marketing management of IPI started the short program, introduced themselves, and told us more about their brand-new product, Efficascent Relaxing Oil.

Efficascent Relaxing Oil intro

The program was deliberately short so everyone could spend the rest of the afternoon relaxing. Yes, IPI and Purple Chalk diligently worked on this event so that we (and they) could relax.

We made our way to the mooring walkways of the Cebu Yacht Club. It was our first time to see these fine yachts up close. If they look superb while docked, then they must be akin to beautiful poetry when they sail into the sea. Many of these yachts are owned by foreigners and rich businessmen.

Cebu Yacht Club

Oh no, is that our yacht? No, not really. It’s just an RIB (rigid-hulled inflatable boat) to shuttle us to our yacht, which is anchored off the marina.

Fellow Cebuana bloggers (from left to right) Chanel, Pam, Gay, and Janine were as excited as Sweetie.

With Cebu Bloggers

We were awed to silence as we stared at the Galileo G, designed by Italian yacht builder Perini Navi. At 181 feet in feet in length, it is considered to be a super-yacht. The accommodations and leisure facilities that this yacht carries must be out of this world for us mere mortals. Note the large radar dome on top of the yacht.

Galileo G

In less than 5 minutes, we were beside the immaculate P/Y Jokai 1—our yacht. We were squealing with excitement. Excuse us for our giddiness, but you would definitely understand that. It’s not every day that you get to ride a yacht!

P/Y Jokai 1

Because one of my hobbies is building miniatures of boats and ships, I know a bit about marine vessels. As we approached the yacht’s stern, I could see that the yacht is built as a catamaran. The twin-hull design makes the vessel stable even in rough waters.

Two decks are built on the hull. Without sleeping cabins and equipped with a simple galley, the Jokai 1 is considered to be a weekender yacht.

P/Y Jokai 1 Stern

We boarded the yacht through the stern ramp. The moment we touched our feet on the rubberized floor, we knew that one of our dreams have come true! Finally, we were on board a lovely yacht!

We didn’t waste any time exploring the vessel. The first deck bridges the two hulls. The first deck houses a bar, a galley, a restroom, and the bridge. A stairway in the middle of the vessel leads to the roof deck.

P/Y Jokai 1

We were allowed to have a rare glimpse of the bridge where all the real action takes place. This is where the captain steers the Jokai 1. Don’t let its small size fool you. This bridge is filled with all manner of high-tech equipment such as power switchboards, radar, GPS, communication panels, and more to keep the passengers’ journey safe and pleasant.

For overnight voyages, two simple cots with space for personal belongings are provided on both sides of the bridge.

P/Y Jokai 1 Bridge

From outside, the bridge looks more like an ultra-modern cockpit of an aircraft than a yacht. Wow!

P/Y Jokai 1 Bridge

On top of the stairs is the roof deck where passengers can have an uninterrupted view of the seascape. Stainless-steel railings are installed for safety, and there are benches and cocktail tables all around for comfort.

P/Y Jokai 1 Roof Deck

When everyone was aboard, the Jokai 1‘s engines fired, reverberating a soft, pleasant mutter throughout the vessel. Our route was to sail northwards towards Liloan then turn back south towards Pier 3. Then we turn north again to head home to the Cebu Yacht Club.

We sailed at a slow speed of around 3 knots. With the fresh sea breeze blowing on our faces and the beautiful urban landscapes at either side of us, you can bet your last peso that we were utterly relaxed!

P/Y Jokai 1 Deck

We love the Philippines! It’s such a dazzling country despite the negative (and rather unfair) portrayal caused by the media and some insensitive people.

And we have just found another way to explore it—through sailing! Now if only we have enough money to rent a yacht and go for a month-long cruise around the Philippines…

Seriously though, this may be cliche; but to all Filipinos, don’t be a stranger to our own country. We have so many natural and man-made wonders here. Our history and culture are rich beyond your wildest dreams. Think about it; many foreigners decided to leave their homelands because they have found their true home here!

Sunset in Liloan

Silhouettes of large ships stand against the background of the setting sun as it says goodbye to another beautiful day. According to the recent news, the ships are there to excavate a deeper trench in the Mactan Channel. The excavation is part of a mega-project to construct a new, massive world-class international container port in the north-central municipality of Liloan.

The present Cebu International Port is already congested, and the water is too shallow for giant container ships to dock through. But with the new port, these ships can dock easily. That means more economic development for Cebu.

Sunset in Liloan

Sunsets are prized spectacles. For us, this is the time that Mother Nature takes her brush and pallet and paints the sky with magnificent pastels of light. It is through these wonders that Mother Nature inspires artists, painters, musicians, and writers to unshackle their creativity and imagination.

Sunset in Mactan Strait

No matter how busy you are, you should find time to de-stress and relax. You need it. You deserve it. No overtime, weekend meeting, or frenzied business is worth a moment of peace, stillness, and time for yourself. It’s ironic, but the better you relax, the more productive, positive, and energetic you will become.

Sunset in Liloan

This was perhaps one of the most fiery and majestic sunsets we’ve ever seen. Waves of fire seem to roll out of the mountains as the sun dips in the horizon.

Sunset in Liloan

Everyone’s tummies grumbled as we turned south. Fortunately, IPI prepared a delicious seafood buffet dinner for us that included freshly boiled crabs, chewy calamares, seafood pasta, and pork barbecue. Mmmmmm! And just imagine this: we were dining under the pale moonlight with the sparkle of city lights all around us in a yacht! How cool and relaxing is that!

Dinner in the yacht

Pretty usherettes kept the guests entertained. These ladies are stunningly beautiful and sexy.

Sexy usherettes

The Marcelo Fernan bridge is one of Cebu’s most iconic infrastructure projects. It has one of the widest and longest bridge spans in the country, but it’s no match for the exponentially increasing number of vehicles in the province. Virtually every day, this four-lane bridge gets congested with heavy traffic.

Marcelo Fernan Bridge at night

IPI dancers performed a cool light show on the foredeck of Jokai 1 as we passed under the first Mactan-Mandaue Bridge.

First Mactan Mandaue Bridge

Upon reaching the shore, all guests were given gift packs that contain small roll-on bottles of Efficascent Relaxing Oil. Since then, we have used ours in all our outdoor activities—rock climbing, scuba diving, traveling, trekking, and more. In fact, we even bring our bottles with us during work! The cooling effect of the fragrant, mentholated oil is truly relaxing and revitalizing.

Efficascent Relaxing Oil

Special Thanks

We would like to thank IPI VP Marketing Mr. Stanley Uang (the fellow wearing a blue-green shirt and sunglasses) and the rest of IPI’s sales and marketing team.

Thank you too to Ms. Mae Anne Yee of Purple Chalk Philippines for inviting us to this rare opportunity.

You guys did a truly awesome job of making a whole bunch of stressed people relax. For Sheila and I, you are special as you made one of our dream adventures come true.

With Bloggers and IPI VP Marketing Mr. Stanley Uang

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34 comments on “Sail Away! A Dreamy Way to Relax

  1. A great and luxurious way to relax, indeed!

    We have one of IPI’s Roll-on product, too. But the name is VAPORIN Refreshing Oil.

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever been on a yacht before. Sounds like a very pleasant experience!

    • Hi Aleah,

      Indeed, it is! Sheila and I have been wondering how yachting feels like after checking out luxury travel magazines. And yes, it’s super relaxing and awesome.

      But this is just a weekender yacht. Luxury yachts are those with cabins, dining rooms, dens, living rooms, and “toys for the big boys.” We would love to have a 1-week cruise in a luxury yacht. πŸ™‚

  3. You really had fun on the cruise, haven’t you? With all the food, dances, the sunset and cool sea breeze, sounds pretty awesome! I’ve experienced boarding Jokai 1 last year and their yacht is so good.

    • Hi CJ,

      Oh yes! Cruising in a yacht has always been in our bucket list. So it was a dream come true for us albeit for a few hours. Hehehe!

      The Jokai 1 is a weekender yacht. We hope to have a weekend or week-long cruise, or a dive safari, on a luxury yacht.

  4. That was one fine, sailing experience! I’ve never been on a yacht, but would love to have the opportunity to go on one soon. Glad that you also got to tick this one on your bucket list. πŸ™‚

  5. Yacht life – wow! πŸ™‚ Been only seeing this in movies and TV series.

    Your experience seems so chill. πŸ™‚

  6. Enjoyed your photos! Indeed, we all want to relax in a luxury yacht. You guys looked like you really had a fun day sailing. Would love to experience this as well especially to see the sunset!

  7. What an opportunity and experience! I’m curious about the oil. How do you use it?

    • Hi Rebminlu,

      It was definitely a dream come true for us. About the oil, you just apply it easily on your forehead (usually), wrist, or any small part of your body that is aching or stressed. It’s mentholated, so it is really cool.

  8. This looks like one unique experience. Thanks for sharing your travels on a yacht, those sunset pics are totally worth it.

  9. Ha! This is what dreams are made of πŸ˜€ I’ve only ever been sailing on a yacht as opposed to relaxing but this looks quite luxurious πŸ˜‰

  10. Just checking out those sunsets from the deck wants me to get on this cruise and relax! Loving the photos and fantastic write up

  11. We think that there is nothing cooler than a whole day spent on a luxury yacht. You can admire beautiful sceneries and have fun away from the lights and chaos of the city! We envy you…

  12. I could go for some yacht action right about now! What a wonderful experience. I’m super jealous :). I’ve also always wanted to visit the Cebu region of the Philippines.

  13. wow how much I would love to be part of something similar… especially on a YACHT!! to be honest, this yacht looks more like a cruise than a yacht.. amazing! I am really happy for you! πŸ™‚

  14. Sailing or cruising along at a leisurely pace is a great way to relax. Reading your post brought back pleasant memories of a similar cruise on Lake Kivu in Africa. We had a great time on the upper deck of the boat as the sun set in grandiose colours.

  15. Philipines is so high on our list. I noted this cruise and would definitely give it a try. You look like had so much fun and the food looks great too.

  16. woah.. awesome place, the best place to relax !!!

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