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Foressa Trails: Let Nature Be Your Playground

Foressa Trails: Let Nature Be Your Playground

Congratulations on all your hard work! You deserve a life of peace, quiet, tranquility, and excitement. You deserve every opportunity to see and explore the beauty of nature. Aboitizland, our very own home-grown real estate giant, makes sure you get what you truly deserve. Welcome to Foressa Trails, a world-class master-planned adventure park and community […]

Canso X Mountain Adventure Park: Cebu’s Newest Haven for Hikers, Bikers, Campers, and Adventurers

Cebu is fast becoming the perfect haven for adrenaline-loving junkies. And something good thing has emerged from being an adventurer’s paradise. You see, many entities are now, in one way or another, supporting the passion of these free-spirited individuals. For instance, mountaineering organizations are now aplenty, offering opportunities for interested parties to learn and enjoy […]

Mambukal Resort: The Perfect Haven for Adventurous Weekend Warriors

For those who possess the spirit of adventure, mountain resorts are favorite places to hang out and unwind. In the Philippines, however, the idea of having an exciting vacation in a hospitality establishment up in the mountains is relatively new. Most Filipinos are accustomed to equate vacations with beaches, trips to Disneyland, or trips to […]

Papa Kit’s Marina and Fishing Lagoon: Fun and Adventure in a Single Setting

There’s a remarkable place in Cebu where you can have a variety of adventures in just one venue. It’s a place where each member of the family, from the young toddler to the elderly grandparent, can have a whole day of fun. It’s a place so close to the conveniences of a modern, progressive city […]