Camping Experiences Millenials Love

camping experiences millenials love 1
Busy millenials need ways to unwind after a long day’s work. One of the most effective ways to unwind is to go camping. It is a great way to reconnect with nature and enjoy quality time with family and friends.

Camping in Australia

In Australia, camping is more of a bonding moment, especially for families and friends. The country has spectacular camping spots that all types of campers can enjoy.

There are a lot of national parks in the country that you can visit, elevating your experience to a whole new level. You can enjoy hiking in the mountain as well as fishing or swimming in lakes. You can camp at the beach with a view of the open sea, or simply take your time admiring national parks that are open for camping to the public.

Some families go caravanning or traveling in their RVs instead of staying in traditional camping tents. A caravan is a mobile dwelling that is detachable from the main vehicle such as a car or a pickup truck. You can leave the caravan at the campsite while you go for a road trip.

With an RV or campervan, the vehicle acts as the camp itself. These vehicles may take the place of old camping tents, and you can also have the luxury of bringing modern conveniences to enjoy your nature trip even more.

Extreme Adventure

Millennials love the thrill of outdoor adventures. They are quite daring, enjoying activities such as mountain climbing, cliff jumping, hiking, or trail biking. At night, millennials cool off and relax in their camps; camping is a part of the adventure.

The nice thing about modern camping gear technology is that you can enjoy comfort and convenience even if you are in the middle of the woods. There are inflatable camping beds, warm sleeping bags, and even portable solar panels that generate electricity.


Millennials love the beach where they take a dip, bask in the sun, or engage in various water sports. Of course, camping at the beach is a calming experience. Relaxing beneath the stars and listening to the waves is one great way to enjoy your camping trip.

There are times, however, that you need to stay abreast with the modern world, even in an isolated beach. That means having your cell phone, laptop, lighting system, or even appliances (in case of RVs) ready and running.

This is where a flexible solar panel comes in. The system’s flexibility allows it to be placed on any surface and adjusted according to your energy needs. Camping at the beach is more convenient if you have a fully charged Gentrax inverter camping generator that can power even air-conditioned caravans.


camping experiences millenials love 2

Hiking is a way to de-stress as you interact with nature. After a day’s hike, you may need to set camp and spend the night in the wilderness.

You can bring a lightweight, easy-setup, and waterproof tent such as a King Single Grey Camping Canvas Swag. A portable air mattress and pillow make your sleep even more comfortable.

An important note: before embarking on a hiking trip, research on your campsite and the area as a whole. Australia is a vast land with a diverse topography and different land features.

In addition, the climate varies from place to place. Considering the weather of the location where you want to camp should be a part of your preparation. If you plan to hike and camp up north, expect tropical weather. If you plan to have an adventure in Southern Australia, be ready for an extremely hot summer and cold winter.

By knowing the weather and the terrain, you can purchase the right equipment.

RV-ing / Caravanning

camping experiences millenials love 3

Camping tents are for those who are true nature-lovers. But there are people who aren’t exactly ready to face the wilderness. They need a slow transition from civilized to wild.

A caravan or RV serves this transition. Camping in these types of homes-on-wheels allows you to experience the conveniences of a modern home out in the wild. Yes, it’s a high-tech camping experience. With an RV, you can also bring more stuff such as kayaks, extra food, rock climbing gear, scuba equipment, and more.

Get the best camping equipment

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5 comments on “Camping Experiences Millenials Love

  1. Saves money too tif you have family because accommodation can be quite expensive

  2. Camping and hiking are things I do get to do enough of…. I so wish I could. I miss having that outdoorsy one with nature feeling. I will have to soon incorporate that in the future.

  3. Thank you for sharing your experience.
    Hiking is a way to de-stress as you interact with nature – That’s True

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