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Mulao River: The Dwelling of Nature’s Guardian Spirits

The Philippines is indeed a mystical country. Each hidden corner or secret nook in the Philippines has its own share of mystery and magic. Snippets of the place’s secrets leak out in the form of whispered local folklore. The most common folklores involve spirits and ethereal beings guarding the most beautiful locations in the country. […]

Love + Adventure = Heart Attack on Magtv NA: Our First TV Appearance

One fine, cool morning last February 16, 2014, an immaculately white ABS-CBN van pulled over at an empty space right beside the dirt road that led to the pure limestone cliffs of Cantabaco. A handful of curious locals and kids got excited as they saw the van, stamped with the ever-famous ABS-CBN logo, approach the idyllic neighborhood. Yes, they would be seeing a popular movie star!

Igotan Cave: Visiting Cebu’s Innards

The island of Cebu has a lot of natural wonders that serve as playgrounds for those with adventure in their hearts. Limestone cliffs, mountain ranges, coral reefs, waterfalls, rivers—you name it, we got it. And, of course, Cebu is pockmarked with innumerable caves that are waiting for those who dare to enter into the world […]

Quiot to Toong to Jaclupan Trek: A Wilderness in the City

Metro Cebu is obviously a very well developed city. Highly urbanized, it offers locals and foreigners alike countless opportunities for work, living, and leisure. But just like in any highly urbanized metropolis in the world, something must inevitably give way. In most cases, it is nature that is forced to step aside. Cebu’s rapid growth […]